Door opener project

I have an old door which is in urge of some smartness.


  1. nodemcu
  2. a relay
  3. a door lock
  4. an AV to 12v converter
  5. an pin keypad [coming soon]



The code is on muka/door-opener

It contains some scripts to get started and the codebase for the nodemcu

Hardware setup

Based on this post most pins are high at boot and should not be set to low to avoid boot issues.

Considering our door should not open if there is a power outage the control ping will be GPIO5. Power and ground can be a 3.3v and GND pin

Connection pf the nodeMcU to the relay

To connect the relay to the 12v adapter

  • NO goes to 12v +
  • CTRL goes to 12v -